Friday, June 8, 2007

5. Crushagami Skull

One sheet of 4" x 6" notebook paper that has not been cut or torn.
Made on the train between D.C. and Richmond.


mim said...

I'm amazed. I was wondering what you'd do for today since you were busy and on the go. Woweee. This is so cool.

Noah said...

Due to technical difficulties I'm posting this comment from Kris, "This is my favorite so far.... total elegance.
Wire Skull was nearly sublime,
but Crushagami steals my heart with the name alone.

Onward brave maker of Skull...."

W. said...

I came across this and immediately thought about an origami creation I saw several years ago that had stunned me.
It looks kinda bland, until you realize that it's sitting on a mirror, and that the majority of the design is actually folded into the underside of the crown.
I've found instructions for folding your own, if you want to try it yourself--just let me know.

Noah said...

Definitely send me a copy of the instructions W I'd love to give it a try, thanks!