Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Suggestion Box

Thanks so much to everyone who has already written me with such great suggestions for future skulls! Here's what I've got so far:
  • From Jen, "How about a teddy bear skull, or a dog skull full of confetti?"
  • From Kathleen, "make one out of squash"
  • From Sherry, "Maybe icing?"
  • From Sarah, "you could do one in diamonds a la Damien Hirst..."
  • From Tere, "macaroni skull!"
  • From Marc, "how about a recent portrait of Iggy Pop"
  • From Joy, "pour out liquid acrylic paint onto paper as you lift and wiggle it, which makes lovely color elements as it swirls and mixes, then cut it into shapes, in your case, skulls."
  • From Grá, "Well, clearly you need a 70's pencil crosshatch that is the word "skull" shaped into a skull. Then you should sign it 'crâne' which is French for 'skull'"
  • From Russ, "Dude, castle Grey Skull! The building [in Richmond, VA] right across Harrison St. from Pollack. It's totally got a giant skull in the side! Once you see it, it's so obvious and impossible to see it normally ever again! Check it out!"
  • From Leah, "Care bear skull, wholesome cereal box skull, unicorn skull (that's right), vegetable skull, skull sundae with cherries on top, troll skull, candy skull, bamboo skull, skull of Anna Nicole Smith's mortician, magnetic skull, Magnetic Fields' respective skulls, skull's best friend, skull after a bad date, uber-femme skull, quintessential american skull, Paris & Tinkerbell behind bars skull..."
  • From Brad, "If I may offer, if you create a fist with your fingers extended, the wohle thing facing towards you - you draw two eye holes on the back of your hand and it creates a natural skull image (with fingers down to the knuckle defining the teeth)."
  • From Yoshika, "it might be interesting to find an accidental-skull too, instead of making? maybe? well, actually one day I saw foam from beer ended up looking like a skull on a glass... just an idea..."

You'll definitely be seeing some of these before a year is over. And yes, as far as I'm concerned, photographing an accidental skull definitely counts as creating one for this project. Thanks again and keep sending ideas!


Ashley said...

Skulls carved from fruit...watermelon skull! Summertime refreshing.

Roy said...

political statement skulls! Make one out of cigarettes (not sure how to avoid touching or buying them), McDonald's french fry containers, a collage made from images of the white house...


Do a live skull: Have a select number or people meet wearing all white or all black and photograph them in a skull formation of your design.

Anonymous said...

A shadow of a skull (thinking shadow puppet, actually); skull made of reams of white paper (stacked up); skull made of recycled stuff; skull made from a pile of autumn leaves...

Eliza said...

Toast skull. Like this, but more piratical -

lachattenoire said...

Hi, what great skulls! What about a skull of live bugs? It's not as impossible as it sounds, you can get those roly-poly bugs curled into a ball and arrange them that way- If you put flys in a fridge, they will appear to be dead til they warm up- you could arrange them cold and take the picture quick!