Monday, June 4, 2007

Citizen Agent’s C-Rations

Citizen Agent, “C” was born in Skull-A-Day on June 6, 2007 at 11:48AM to the parents of Noah Scalin and Blogger. Agent C attended the Scalin School of Skulls during the next 362 days. Although C struggled with attendance, Citizen graduated with honors on June 3, 2008 with a degree in commentary. After graduation C spent the next few months in seclusion exploring their purpose in life. It was during this time in seclusion that Scalin offered C a job as an editor. Emerging from seclusion Agent C joined in the newer formats of facebook and twitter in order to explore other outlets for commentary.

Citizen Agent took up co-editorial responsibilities at the start of Skull-A-Day 3.0. During Year 3.0, Agent C posted ‘C-Rations’ every Monday and a few more during the following year. In Skull-A-Day 4.0, as part of the ongoing Flashback Friday feature, C offered a peak behind the mask when they counted down their favorite skulls from the original project with new commentary including Citizen Agent’s origin story.

Year 3.0
1. C-Rations: 0C1
2. C-Rations: 0C10
3. C-Rations: 0C11
4. C-Rations: 0C100
5. C-Rations: 0C101
6. [BONUS] C-Rations: 07·08·09
7. C-Rations: 0C110
8. C-Rations: 0C111
9. C-Rations: 0C1000
10. C-Rations: 0C1001
11. C-Rations: 0C1010
12. C-Rations: 0C1011
13. C-Rations: 0C1100
14. [BONUS] C-Rations: 08·26·09
15. C-Rations: 0C1101
16. C-Rations: 0C1101
17. [BONUS] C-Rations: 09·09·09
18. C-Rations: 0C1111
19. C-Rations: 0C10000
20. C-Rations: 0C10001
21. C-Rations: 0C10100
22. C-Rations: 0C10101
23. C-Rations: 0C10110
24. C-Rations: 0C10111
25. C-Rations: 0C11000
26. C-Rations: 0C11001
27. C-Rations: 0C11010
28. C-Rations: 0C11011
29. C-Rations: 0C11100
30. [BONUS] C-Rations: 12·19·09
31. C-Rations: 0C11101
32. C-Rations: 0C11110
33. C-Rations: 0C11111
34. C-Rations: 0C100000
35. C-Rations: 0C100001
36. C-Rations: 0C100010
37. C-Rations: 0C100011
38. C-Rations: 0C100100
39. C-Rations: 0C100101
40. C-Rations: 0C100110
41. C-Rations: 0C100111
42. C-Rations: 0C101000
43. C-Rations: 0C101001
44. C-Rations: 0C101010
45. C-Rations: 0C101011
46. C-Rations: 0C101100
47. C-Rations: 0C101101
48. C-Rations: 0C101110
49. C-Rations: 0C101111
50. C-Rations: 0C110000
51. C-Rations: 0C110001
52. C-Rations: 0C110010
53. C-Rations: 0C110011
54. C-Rations: 0C110100

Year 4.0
C-Rations: LIII
C-Rations: LV
C-Rations: LXVI

Year 5.0
Citizen Agent- “C-Note”

Non-Skull Art
Think Small 5

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