Friday, June 22, 2007

Suggestion Box part 3

A few more great ideas via e-mail:
  • Marilyn says, "Maybe you can do something with motorcycles"
  • Josh says, "Try a skull wearing Disney Mickey ears or a skull made out of bones from other parts of the body."
  • Napi says, "A really curious image would be a skull made of feet" and "X-rays make us aware that skulls are not just on dead creatures, but walking around in us all. Guess that lends itself to interpretation of a crowd scene, or a busy city sidewalk, with all the skulls showing under the baseball caps & sunglasses & make-up & hairdos"
Also a couple more skull images from friends...
Joy sends this camera phone pic from the Pittsburgh Arts Festival:

and Christian sends this image (and several others) from a street fair in Dresden:

Plus a big thanks to Teddy for including a link to Skull-A-Day on Design Observer.

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