Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ant Skull

Duane Flatmo Wrote:

"Hello, I found your site and love it. I am an artist living in Humboldt County California and have a submission for your site. I painted a skull on paper with ant poison and let the ants do the artwork."And the Submitted Video

C here: As you can tell 3.0 is beginning in a very different way. This is a first and the last item like this I will post this year. I am not a big fan of harming living things and we all know how bad chemicals poisons are for other beneficial insects, however, sometimes you need to leave your comfort zone and do what needs to be done in order to combat infestations and what is done is done.

Now a note to imitators or copycats out there. Please see the submission rules before planning, doing, or submitting similar pieces this year.


Tatman said...

It's a shame to see any living creature die, but this is a living/dying work of art that shows us how short and futile life can be. Of course the skull is the perfect shape for provoking deathly images. Be sure to check out Duane's awesome site for his awesome sculptures and paintings.

Noah said...

Yeah, it was a tough call since none of us here at S-A-D are fans of harm being done to any animals, but I do agree that this one piece was worth showing, and yes Duane's sculptural work is amazing!

Kanibal said...

I dont agree with the work being displayed no matter how cool it looks. Nothing no matter how small should be killed purposely in the the name of art. Not a good way to start off 3.0.

Sam said...

wow what is with the animal cruelty issues on this site? ants are not animals! they`re pests! take it from someone who has lived in a tropical country for 10 years. would you rather kill the ants or have them crawling over you and living in your body? learn to appreciate art people!

Unknown said...

I agree with FJ Sam on this one, those thing are all over my property, no living thing, does that mean we can't cut down a tree for paper to draw on, or pick a fruit or veggie to carve into a skull?

Gaytha said...

How very David Lynch of you!