Thursday, June 25, 2009

Faux Embroidery Skull

Dallas area artists Tom Sale and Judy Vetter, a.k.a. The Tom & Judy show, bring us a faux embroidery skull full of vibrant colors. What is faux embroidery you might ask? It's a non stitched thread piece on dyed vintage fabric. Tom & Judy are collaborative artists who use their own art skills combined together to make unique pieces. A real team effort.

I really like the multi-colored look of this piece. Of course, it does remind me of another thread skull done long ago, but the colors of this piece give it a whole new life.


Kim said...

Cute! I like how the density lessens at the top of the skull to look like flamey hair.

Anonymous said...

very interesting!

Citizen Agent said...

Ghost Rider C said:

Thanks Kim for pointing that out, now I can't look at it without thinking that it is on fire.

Pinky Diablo said...

we have more of these--all skullish!


Old Fashion Halloween said...

Great design thank you for sharing.