Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.3

Lets get ready to Simmmmm-u-laaaaaaaa-cra.

Bout 1- Microwave Morris vs. Peeps

Brandon said: "I was melting peeps in the microwave and this is what came out..."

Bout 2- Crazy Choma vs. Toronto Oldest Prison

Brad wrote: "The oldest prison in Toronto is this domed Victorian gothic structure. It's been closed forever, but it's been opened for potential events by a holding company before it's retrofitted into extra space for a nearby hospital. Myself and two business partners are snagging it to throw a huge Halloween party there, and we got a behind the scenes tour. While on the tour, I found this one piece of wall damage that looks like a skull to me. I could be crazy."

Bout 3- The Richmond Kid vs. The Church Hill Tunnel

James Butler said: "This photo was taken by me at the western entrance of the Church Hill Tunnel. It was taken of one of the lintel blocks on the top of the western tunnel entrance capstone. The Church Hill Tunnel was a C&O train tunnel which collapsed on Oct 2, 1925 killing a still unverified amount of workers! I just looked down, and saw this skeletal looking face, comprised of a wild vine, broken glass, a wayward leaf, and 2 drilled holes in the lintel block."

Announcer C says:

Great job boys, looks like we have some winners here. You really gave the folks their money's worth.

Bout 1- Morris for the win! Man that skull looks angry, you bet there is going to be a rematch.

Bout 2- Chroma with the K.O.! It was a 1-2 punch with this skull look at how that second smaller one snuck up on all of us.

Bout 3, Butler on top! You can tell Butler was hitting the heavy blocks before his match up with this skull.

Thank You all see in two weeks.

Keep sending those pictures in to our submissions address. Just keep in mind that since we only do this once a week it might take a little longer to have it posted.


Tatman said...

Hail to the victors and their wonderful finds! Something tells me that there WILL be a rematch.

nitebyrd said...

Melting Peeps in the microwave. Why? ;/