Monday, August 17, 2009

C-Rations: 0C1011

This week's offering is done by Cutting and Collecting

“Jerry Gar-C-Ah” 12" x 9" flower dead-heads and plant material arranged in dirt on a found plastic lid.

Ikebana C says:

In case you are not familiar with the term the act of removing a dead bloom is called “dead-heading” some believe that by doing so a plant will be encouraged to flower again, a sort of resurrection. These particular dead-heads came from a daisy like flower. Happy 40th children of the flower. Today I needed a miracle.

Remember each Monday during the 3.0 year I am posting an original skull design. My weekly offerings are nothing compared to the one-a-day massive project done by the Skullmaster in 1.0, but hopefully you will find some nourishment in these weekly offerings.


Kim said...

What kind of miracle?

The bushes do look so sad when they're covered in shrivelled brown flowers. The arrangement on soil makes it look like a grave for the dead flowers. Interesting and somewhat ironic kado, C.

Tatman said...

Set out trimming but I take my time,
a friend of the gardener is a friend of mine.

If I get done before twilight,
I just might go to Skull-A-Day tonight.

This is one groovy piece, maaaan! I totally dig being a witness to the rebirth of Mother Nature's smiling children. Peace to you all!

Citizen Agent said...

Dancing Bear C said:

“A Miracle” is a old cultural term. Back when The Dead toured, someone could just go to a show without a ticket in get in. The act of receiving a free ticket for the show from a total stranger is what a miracle was.

Since I wasn't able to get a free skull from a total stranger yesterday, its use here was intended for another reason.