Saturday, August 1, 2009

Family Man skull

Abby Davis has some skulls she'd like to share with us. I'll let her describe the pieces:

"The first one is a family portrait of sorts. D is for Davis (our last name). The red skull is my husband, the blue is my daughter, and the green is me. I used each person's favorite color to paint their skull. First, I painted the canvas with black acrylic. Next, an uneven layer of crackle medium. Then, silver acrylic paint over the crackle medium. Because of the properties of the crackle medium, it crackled through the last layer of paint too which was the skulls. I like the over all effect it has."

"The other photo is of a jacket I embellished one night before going out to Fallout. I think it was for goth prom. The back is inspired by day of the dead skulls. I tend to doodle a lot of them while at work, so I thought it was the perfect motif for his jacket. I painted it in about 20 min. using paint pens and my handy laptop for inspiration. Apparently the top hat and cane are from a voodoo skull. I had remembered them from a skull I had seen years ago, but just assumed it was from the Mexican skulls. Plus, since the jacket was for a goth prom, it was a good fit."

"My husband loves the jacket and was excited to get to wear something I made...well in this case decorated. I have a degree in fashion design and we've been together for almost 8 years, so he has been waiting that long for me to make him something.
Hope you enjoy my crafts. If I make a skull scarf this winter, I send that picture."

You have a good and patient man, Abby. Just don't make him wait 8 more years for something to wear. Thanks for sharing your family skulls.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Absolutely LOVE the jacket! The top hat and cane might symbolize Baron Samedi in the Voodoo pantheon, the lord of life and death.
How apropo for a Goth Prom!