Friday, August 21, 2009

Trio of Skulls

A frequent visitor to Skull-A-Day, Tierney C. Thomas from Naperville, Illinois/Frisco, Texashas been inspired to submit some work to us.

The first is just simply titled “Corks on the Computer.”

The next is inspired by the Skullmaster's “Flashback Friday” for 167. Skull by Numbers .

Tierney said: “I recently went to on my iPhone, and saved the Skull by numbers photo... I managed to do this using the "Scribble" and "Photogene" applications on my phone.”
Finally, another inspired design by the Skullmaster's cut paper skulls from the “Original 365.25”

Tierney wrote: “It started out as a sketch of an alien-ish skull. I then copied it, and filled in the drawing with a permanent marker. It's only the size of an average sheet of printer paper. PS. His name is Fred. :)”

Trifecta C says:

Thanks for submitting your work. We always love to see how Skull-A-Day inspires someone in their surroundings. From arranging objects, to phone generated, to the classic pen and paper, you have demonstrated a number of different techniques out there for making skulls. Thanks also to all of you out there reading this. It is you, our loyal readers, who continue to keep Skull-A-Day stocked fresh with new material.

If you haven't worked up the energy to submit anything yet what are you waiting for, our submission address is right here.


Tatman said...

Plus, there are 3 of them. You just don't know how much that number means this year. Good work on being diverse. It keeps the mind sharp and looking for art in all things.

Tierney C Dieckmann said...

Thank you so much for posting these, guys! I didn't expect them to be put up so soon!

PS. Three is my number; for my birthday, numerology, and just for luck. It's quite powerful. :)

Chris 'Frog Queen' Davis said...

All great pieces. Love the wine bottle corks!