Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Charcoal Skulls

These excellent charcoal drawings are from deviant artist Gretchen(Lady-de-sade).

"Perched On A Deer Skull"

"Say Cheese"

I always love the way charcoal's soft shades can make hard bones seem so smooth and silky. Plus, I can only imagine what may have been in the background in "Say Cheese". A trip to a famous place..a visit to a park...a trip to the moon? The entire picture is stripped away and left as bare as it can be, letting us fill in the blanks with our imaginations. Or maybe he's just posing with his I ♥ Skull-A-Day t-shirt on for this month's contest? Thanks, Gretchen.


Rob said...

Those are pretty good, considering what a difficult medium charcoal can be to work with. Charcoal tends to smudge a lot, so I admire anyone who takes the time to work with this medium.

Custom Jewelry said...

wow ! awesome work. Makes me want to go do one too! I haven't had the charcoals out in a while. I am to busy making clay skully pendants lol