Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Color Skellis

MarZel, a member of the Dark Artist Guild, sent us the following: “I do follow you religiously, though I do not get around to commenting as I would like. Similarly, I have been meaning to send submissions in for months and just now getting round to it-- Color Skellis- are Skull beads I make.”

Dime Sized C says:

I wish we had the opportunity to post the majority of MarZel's work here, it is all amazing. Make sure you take the time to check out her work on her blog. I really have to say “I ♥ pocket skulls.”

Speaking of “♥ing” things, remember we are going into the final 10 days of our current monthly contest. Remember we still have prizes to give away. There is still time to participate, all the details for the contest can be found here.


Divaeva said...

I <3 MarZel! I won the most adorable Skellie Wabbit from her!
hmmmm - I suppose one of these days I will have to get my s@#t in gear and send you some of my many skulls!
hmmm...on a side note - wonder what it means when your word verification word is "cheat"!?

Sam said...


jacqueline said...

I love how thes look slightly grumpy - very cute.