Saturday, August 1, 2009

Skull-A-Day 3.0 Monthly Contest for August

July turned out to be a very busy month here at Skull-A-Day,

To recap:
You came up with a state motto for Wiskullsin , you told us what you sucked at, and you recently told us about your favorite skull song. Oh and don't forget the number of times you visited the Skullmaster's current show happening in Richmond, VA.

I guess with all that was going on it was easy to forget that a monthly contest was happening.

Remember these?
Tatman is not afraid to say and to Skull-A-Day.

Looks like C has found the courage to say .
We know you like free stuff and we know you like to participate. Maybe it is the whole "♥" thing you have an issue with.
If you are not ready to say yet, it will be ok for you to say .

Since we still have prizes to give away and no one to give them to, the Editorial Staff at Skull-A-Day 3.0 has decided to continue the current contest for another month.

All the details for the contest can be found here, but the following is a quick breakdown:

We want you to get out of your house and show a little love/like for Skull-A-Day.

Criteria for submission: Submissions must include the readable phrase "I ♥ Skull-A-Day" on either a shirt or sign. You may use any medium to create your message on the object. Pictures must include a noticeable part of the place you visited as well as the phrase mentioned, and please remember to tell us about the place where the photo was taken.


Sam said...

really? there were no more submissions? omg maybe if i do this i could win something for the first time in my life!

Kim said...

July was indeed a busy month. I fully intended to get a snap to you guys, I do work near some very well known Australian land marks... Oh, and I just realised I'm travelling twice this month. Better get my shi^H^Htuff together.