Thursday, August 6, 2009

R-evolving Skulls

Some of you might remember sculptor Jud Turner from his previous Skull Assemblages that were posted here in the past. Today Jud shares a few more of his welded sculptures with us that keep life moving even if it looks like it has stopped.

The first is titled "R-evolve"

Second is "Canis Cyclus"

And the third submitted is a tribute to the fallen skaters out there.

These are amazing pieces, Jud. I really like how the first two make me see them in motion even though they clearly are not. As you can all see, Jud does outstanding work and this is only a small example of it. Be sure to check out his site, or if you are in the areas of SanDiego, CA, Puyallup, WA, or Keizer, OR you can check out some of his works in person. See his site for details.