Saturday, August 8, 2009

Staysik Skulls

Let me take today to present you with an inspiring designer and artist who is doing what it takes to make it happen. Shelley Sidle from Salt Lake City, UT is proud to present some of her handy work in DIY skulls. She writes, "I do paintings, knitting, sewing, drawing, crochet and all types of skulls. I have a small store online- Arte de Shelley and a Cafe Press shop full of my art on their products- Designs and Art by Staysik. I started a group for crafters and DIY'ers called Stitchin' Misfits, which can be found on Flickr and Facebook."

Here are a couple of examples of her crafty hand stitched skulls.

And here are a couple of examples of the skull designs offered in her stores.

For all of you out there looking to take your arts and crafts to the next level, let Shelley be a good example. Using the available tools to get your stuff out there is just what this crazy internet thing is all about.

By the way, Shelley, have you submitted your skull for the latest contest? I'll bet Jimi would be a willing model again.

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