Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bead Skulls

Today Tatman is gonna take a page from radio DJ's and give you a 2 for Tuesday. In my best Casey Kasem voice, "Here's a little double shot of some skull bead action".

This first bead skull from DameDEATH in South Africa is sending out a love song to Skull-A-Day readers.

Next up in the rotation comes from a long time and good friend of Skull-A-Day, Abby Davis. She writes, "I thought while you were waiting to see my finished intricate sugar skull, I would make you one out of some of the supplies. These are size 10/0 seed beads, which are tiny, that I poured on the back of the canvas that I will be using for the intricate sugar skull."

Thanks for keeping the good times rolling with your submissions, girls. Abby, we're still waiting to see that sugar skull, but I have a feeling that you'll be back. Until next time I'm Tatman signing off.


Abby Davis said...

Yes, you will see it. You definitely will. ; D

Ophelia said...

Thanks for posting my bead skull :)
Its meant to be a hair clip, but I thought it looked better with a message!
I <3 you

Heebong Kim :) said...

How did you keep it together?

Ophelia said...

With wire, shaped the wire and then feed the beads on :)