Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Skull Bomb Bank

Brock T. Burnell from Parker, CO wrote: “I fabricated this bomb piggy bank and painted it with skull and cross bones. It's all steel and just over 2 feet tall. It's painted with matte black and hammer tone silver spray paint. I modeled it after a 550lb style bomb. The bottom plug unscrews and comes out to empty change out of. ”

Major “C” Kong says:

Besides being well constructed, this is a wonderful thought provoking piece. It is interesting to think about the destructive power of money on society both socially and economically. Too much money personally can lead to destructive practices such as a number of vices that turn many new millionaires in to zernoaires. Economically dropping too much cash into the system will lead to inflation and the destructive aftermath of a devalued currency. Thank you for submitting this piece and the stimulation it provided.

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