Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Art Hlywd Jewelry Skulls

Dear Skull-A-Day readers,
Please give me a moment to pick my jaw up off of the floor after seeing these AWESOME skulls from Josh Warner at his Good Art Hlywd studio.

Okay, now that I have my parts back in place let me add that I am a BIG fan of Josh's work. These skulls have the detail and beauty that any jeweler would and should be proud of. Josh is a well renowned jeweler in L.A. and has quite the name for himself(obviously). His works can be found on many celebs, including the ring in the second pic. I won't do any name dropping, but the "Sly" character will be wearing this in an upcoming movie. Be sure to check out Josh's site for more of his great jewelry, and if you want to pick something out for yourself and feel like a real celebrity then visit his store. Thanks a million for letting us post these, Josh. Keep up the amazing work!

1 comment:

Abby Davis said...

I really like the 1st one. It's something that I would wear often.