Friday, March 26, 2010

Tale of the Skull Cookies

Today’s skull features the creation and a creator.

Texans Sandy Bates Bell & Andy Don Emmons collaborated on this project. Sandy wrote: “We enjoy Skull a Day. We have had friends featured on the site (Tom Sale, skull spoons)... we were sugar skulls for Halloween and we made decorated cookies to pass out as part of our costumes. The cookies were a huge hit, many people did not want to eat them but took them home to keep.”

The Creation
and a creatorThe instructions and recipe can be found here for the chipoltle orange shortbread cookies and the royal icing, with step by step decorating instructions.

Lone Star C says:

Your creation is amazing, and is worthy in its own right. However, knowing the story behind it as well seeing its role in your costume is a wonderful addition. Thank you for submitting your bonus costume picture to us as well as directing us towards the recipe on how to make theses tasty skulls ourselves.

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Abby Davis said...

Who needs breakfast when there are cookie? I love the details in the cookies. Those are the most creative and pretty ones that I've seen. I also love her Sylvia Ji inspired make up and Mexican outfit. Very festive and pretty.