Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Collage Skull

Ali GULEC in Istanbul, Turkey sent us this: “I'm a big fan and I' m sending you a collage work which I made by using my wife' s jewelry.”

Buried C says:

ARRRR, it be treasured skull ye seek. Ye’ve come to thee right place. A treasure for all to behold, this skull makes me feel like I’ve got sun on me face and wind at me back. Three shouts for thee misses for allowing ye safe passage with ye work, and three shouts to ye for giving this crew an equal share of it's gaze.


Abby Davis said...

It's lovely. I like the creative use of the different pieces. He said this was all his wife's jewelry, does that include the military dog tags?

Ali said...

Well yes it does.. They used to be my dogtags during the military service, and when I came back I gave them to her.
Nothing worthy but she thinks they are cool..