Thursday, March 25, 2010

Muertos Skull

Joby Cummings is back again with more amazing skull works. His "7 Sins" skull was a great addition to our collection and we thank him for bringing us more, including this "Muertos Skull".

I wish I could post all of Joby's killer skull art here, but that would require a whole new site. Luckily, he has his own located here where you can buy all kinds of good stuff from his collection of prints. Thanks again for the awesome contributions, Joby!


Abby Davis said...

Is that drawn on the patterned paper? I love how some areas of the skull still show the paper pattern showing through. It's really a nice piece.

Jabwai said...

the art on this piece is hand drawn then I created the background in photoshop and made the art somewhat transparent with layers of alpha channel tricks. allowing the background to pass through. I am glad you enjoyed it.