Monday, March 29, 2010

C-Rations: 0C101011

This week’s offering is a Card-stock on Construction Paper.

“Supplies!” 16" x 9" cut card-stock attached to black construction paper

Classroom C says:

Random bits of left over projects collect in a central location, the hope is that many parts will someday equal a whole. Picking through the piles today inspired me with this piece.

Remember each Monday during the 3.0 year I am posting an original skull design. My weekly offerings are nothing compared to the one-a-day massive project done by the Skullmaster in 1.0, but hopefully you will find some nourishment in these weekly offerings.

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Noah said...

Love the expression on this one! Great work!

Tatman said...

Zombie paper rising from the dead! It doesn't eat brains, but it'll give you a serious rash of paper cuts.