Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.42

It seems that food and drink are some of the favorite subjects for our skull hunters. These simulacra fall in a long line of the edible skulls.

Sam Snoek-Brown sent us this, "drop of coffee that spilled on my way into the living room. Too good to pass up."

I guess you could say it was good to the last drop. (maybe not)

Next, Rafael Zentil shows us what I have always known- tomatoes are EVIL!

And this last bit of toasty goodness comes from our very own Skull Master. Of course we know that he sees skulls everywhere.

Thanks again to all of you skull hunters for the simulacrum. Keep sending them in to our submission address and we'll keep posting them to appease your skull appetites.


Abby Davis said...

mmmm, just in time for breakfast too.

Anonymous said...
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