Friday, March 19, 2010


Today’s skulls are created on the living canvases of our readers.

First up is Cheryl Sterling from Chicago IL who said: “Hi, love your site. A late night photo shoot with just me, myself, and I.”

Next up is Jax,who wrote: “My 7 year old Lydia, is just as much of a skull junkie as the rest of our family. She wanted me to paint her face for Halloween. We love your website!”

Last for the day is Dollita from Western Canada, who told us: “First off I'd like to say I LOVE SKULL-A-DAY! I've been a collector of skulls and bone-related things for some time and have them subtly hidden in the decor around my house so, this project really makes me tingle! I've gotten a lot of fun inspiration for both my art and my growing collection! Halloween is my birthday and last year, 2009, I went in a Dia de los Muertos style. I went as a catrina doll... the make up was done by me.”

Cosmetic C says:

It is always wonderful to see the faces of our readers. Embracing the living canvas of the body and adorning it with art is a tradition that spans most of human history. Thank you all for taking the time to share your living art with us, it is because of the submitted work of our fans, like you, that this site is able to feed your passion by providing you with something new everyday. Keep of the great work.


Abby Davis said...

The 1st one is beautiful. I really love the softness of it.

The 2nd is something my daughter might ask for. I like the boldness of it.

The 3rd is from a Sylvia Ji painting. Her work is wonderful. It's a really hard and intricate makeup to do. I'm impressed.

You-Tube has lots of tutorials that are similar to the 1st and 2nd looks. There are a few for the 3rd one, but it's still complicated to do.

cherylsterling said...

Squeee! You made my day. I love skull-a-day and I am happy to have made the cut. Thank you.