Tuesday, March 30, 2010

King Of The Dead Skull

This colorful illustration comes from Aaron Wolf of Sweden. His title "King Of The Dead" seems pretty fitting. I suppose the most colorful skull around would be king.

Aaron's blog tells us, "This is a drawing that has sat around for about a year until I realized how I wanted to colour it. Since the beginning I knew that I wanted it to be colourful to juxtapose the image but I was just unsure of how I wanted to do this. Once I started playing with the spotted pattern with reminds me of coral or the markings on tropical fish I started." I do love the vibrant colors you used, Aaron. If this were a real piece of coral I would love to have it in my fish tank. Thanks for sharing it!

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Abby Davis said...

I thought coral too when I looked at it...before I read that it was supposed to be coral. It could be the skull of Poseidon, king of the water.