Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dona Skull

Pascal Maugein of Paris,France, who has made past contributions here and here, is back again with a gourgeous looking table. "The table Dona is covered with a psychedelic skull surrounded with a semainier of prayers and incantations of the Mexican Santa Muerte. Polychrome lacquer inlaid with mother of pearl, eggshell and silver leaf. Dimensions: 110x75x45 cm."

Thanks to Pascal for adding another table to our Skull Cafe to provide more room for all of our great contributors. If we could share a tasty meal with all of you over a beautifully painted skull table then we would. The only question remains...what would we serve?

1 comment:

lindaguadalajara said...

You would serve "Pan de Muerto", "arroz" and "pollo con mole" of course...