Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Graveyard Dust Skull-ptures

Artist Heather Lynn of Gossamer*Hollow Whimsical Art & Design shared with us just one of the many items she creates.
She wrote: “Each 1.25" skull is a one-of-a-kind, handsculpted and handpainted bottle which holds the dust. A packet of actual graveyard dust that I harvested myself is included! Graveyard Dust is known for its magical uses of rejuvenation, banishing, and good luck.”

Triskaidekaphobia C says:

We all could use a little luck and what a handy fashionable pocket sized item for it. These are wonderful, thank you for sharing them with us

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male said...

Hi from mal E downunder
I made a post to you today:

kcli said...

D - detritus
U - underworld party residue
S - suspect organic material
T - teresterial residue

faerydustpixy said...

Thanks for featuring my Skull Dust Bottles in your wonderful blog! Kcli, love it. :)

fogmama said...

How can anyone beat kcli's answer? Awesome! But I will say dehydrated brains and ground unicorn horn, troll toenails and glitter.

Anonymous said...

It's made from the ashes of all my exploded brain cells...I swear some days I actually hear the popping and sizzling sounds when I'm over stressed!

Those are super awesome and kinda cute. They have a voodoo vibe to them.