Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quilt with Skull

Laura Wike from Akron,OH submitted this quilt she made from scrap fabric she received at a yard sale.

I like that she used scrap fabric to create this quilt. The cool colors compliment each other well. The use of black for the skull, makes it pop against the printed fabrics. I like how this fierce looking skull is placed upon floral prints...a mix of hard and soft. I have a huge pile of scrap fabric that I'm letting my daughter and husband raid to make their quilt squares for our Skull Quilt Project. The quilt squares we receive will be made into quilts. This quilts will be auctioned off after the June 4th, Skull Appreciation Day. Proceeds will go to Becky's Fund, which helps victims of domestic violence.

To be entered in today's drawing to win a button just leave a comment below stating: What kind of fabric would your skull be made from?

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to include a way to contact you (either an e-mail in the post OR make sure your Blogger profile has an e-mail link for you on it).

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Anonymous said...

My skull would be made out of sparkly green taffeta.

kerosene said...

cotton batting

44skull44 said...

tshirt cotton

Peety Draws said...

Um, how in the world can I have this blanket! This is all kinds of awesome sauce!

Anonymous said...

Jean, because it is casual and fun.