Monday, April 18, 2011

Skulls in Make-up

Today, we have a few ladies in skull make-up.

Keegan Hitchcock, sent us a photo of herself in partial skull make-up.

And, one of a model, Sami, she painted as a skeleton bride.

Nina Gatto, from Ecuador, sent us a photo of herself in sugar skull make-up, after Halloween evening.

I love costume make-up. It's creative and fun to do, even though it's a long process to create the desired effect. Though in the past, I've done a lot of different costume make-up, the sugar skull and regular skull ones have been my favorites. I like seeing the variety of make-up submissions we get from ladies and men. Keep them coming.

To be entered in today's drawing to win a button just leave a comment below stating: How do you decorate your skull?

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fogmama said...

I decorate my skull with flowers and rhinestones. Can never have too much bling!

Tatman said...

I'd love to decorate mine with tattos, but I'll stick with the facial hair for now.

Scott Schluter said...

My skull wears a Santa Cap during Christmas.

avoidfireflies said...

I draw on my skull keychain with a pencil. Erase and repeat!