Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stained Glass Pirate Skull

David Kennedy submitted this stained glass skull.

We love the fantasy of being a pirate. It seems glamorous and dangerous, but in reality, it's far from it. Probably one of the most interesting history things I've studied, is about pirates. I suggest you all read a history book on these fascinating people. Then, feel free to keep on fantasizing. I plan on doing so, at Magic Kingdom with my husband and daughter, in two weeks. Ahoy!

To be entered in today's drawing to win a button just leave a comment below stating: What kind of pirate do you want to be? I would love to be Mary Reed, Anne Bonny, or any of the other famous lady pirates.

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to include a way to contact you (either an e-mail in the post OR make sure your Blogger profile has an e-mail link for you on it).

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fogmama said...

I would say I would be Grace O'Malley, the Irish pirate. I would plunder Queen Elizabeth's treasuries! I would also help her defend against the Spanish Armada, sisters have to stick together!

Tatman said...

I'd like to be the pirate who gets the most booty , of course!