Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crânes en provenance du Sud de la France

(Skulls from the South of France)

Dav from Toulouse, in the south of France shared: “Like you, I'm also a skulls' addict, I paint lots of skulls in the streets of my town, and also take pics of the ones painted by my friends that I regularly put on the photo-blog about Toulouse's street art. This is a piece I created.”

In October 2011 Dav piece “Vanités” was featured in the “cabinet des curiosités” exhibition a group show with 21 artists from Toulouse, including many pieces featuring skulls!

Half-Way C says:

I am connecting with your “Vanités” piece. I enjoy seeing your collection of found objects that you shaped into skulls. Helping everyday objects find their inner skull are some of my favorite posts here. Since graffiti is illegal in most locations lets just say that wall piece was done with charcoal or some other non-permanent medium. *Kids if you reading this at home don't create art on other people's property without their permission.* Thank you Dav for sharing your pieces with us, and for sharing your blog about Toulouse's street art for us to check out.

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