Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Filigree Skulls

Every once in a while, well most of the time with our great readers, I get the chance to see some skull art that is really amazing. Bellino Alain has provided some beautiful filigree skulls that definitely fall into the "amazing" category.

"Golden Boy"

"Golden Age"

"Chrome Age"

"Bronze Age"

Skull art at it's finest! I love these for being skull art, but also for the dedication it takes to create such beautiful work. I have the highest respect for Alain, who also makes lots of other filigree art including Darth Vader, a dinosaur, and even the Statue Of Liberty. You can see them all here, or check out more of his other works here. Merci, Alain!


Captain Morgan said...

Simply stunning work. I bow before this magnificence.

nitebyrd said...

Those are just beautiful!