Monday, January 30, 2012

"For the Love of Ginger Head" Skull

Danny Steadman and Scott McNeely from the UK, created this skull using ginger bread, edible silver balls, and chewing gum teeth. They are the winners of the Bene EAT ART competition.

The designers with their creation.

The skull was featured on the 8th page of January 2012's ICON magazine.

Ever since I made my first (and only?) gingerbread house in elementary school, I've been fascinated with the gingerbread works of others. I've never seen something as sculptural, and tediously covered with edible silver balls, as this skull. The use of the chewing gum teeth remind me of using chiclet gum as teeth, as a child. The black, I have to assume is black icing. The use of icing in gingerbread works, is to adhere details to the dense gingerbread. The choice of black works well a shading for the skull and add to the visual depth. This is definitely worthy of an award. Congrats guys!

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M said...

Absolutley luv this!..... :)