Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aces & Eights Skull

Ben Marcacci recently showed us his Iron Skulls from Afghanistan and now he's back with another terrific piece of heavy metal and this note, "I just finished up with this piece, Name after Wild Bill's infamous poker hand of Aces and eights (AKA Dead Man's Hand) when he was shot dead in 1876. This Piece, like my last is 100% scrap steel. The skull and hat were cut from a truck tool box that had taken a hit, but there was still some straight steel left in it. Enjoy!"

That's a nifty bit of welding ya done there, partner. Mighty fine work for a man with limited resources. Just like a true pioneer. A pioneer of skull art. Many thanks again, Ben!

1 comment:

Ron C. said...

Excellent work Ben. No better in
the Stan!