Friday, January 13, 2012

Saint Mary's School Skulls

Mrs. Meikle who teaches at Saint Mary’s School in Algoma Wisconsin wrote: “This is a ‘skull of skulls’ that I made with my art students. First I drew about 20 different versions in b&w and made copies of them. My students then picked the one they wanted to color and colored away. Some of them were inspired to draw their own ‘blanks’ to decorate. All of the students had 45 minutes to complete their skulls. We mounted them into the shape of a skull for a Dias de Los Muertos party that was to be held in the church’s basement.”

Detail of lower middle center

Safety Scissors C says:

Thank you for submitting this wonderful creation that you completed with your students. I love the diversity of styles and tastes that each student incorporated into their work. Thank you for inspiring you students with this project, please keep us in mind if skulls find their way into your curriculum in the future.

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