Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Belated Merry Holiday Skulls (Is this a first?)

That's right. You had to know that with all of the great submissions we get, some don't get posted quite around the time we receive them. So knowing that I now have the pleasure of reminiscing with a couple of festive holiday skulls to share with you.

These happy skulls were spreading holiday cheer in Croatia when Lindvall Mario made these decorations that were donations for an abandoned children benefit.

And Emily Kalatzis agrees to the fullest when she asked us, "Merry...Halloween? Who says we can't bring a few skulls into the holiday season?" True dat, Emily! Who says so? Nobody, that's who!

Thanks for helping us bring a jolly end to our weekend with your skulls. Remember everybody, there's only 331 days until next Christmas to make your friends and family hand made gifts from the heart. Make the most of them!

P.S.- If you have any St. Patrick's Day skulls you want to send us then you may want to do that soon. No rush, but I'm just sayin'......

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