Monday, January 2, 2012

Sabrina's Skulls

Sabrina is an illustrator and jewelry maker.

"For the metal skulls, I design it all my self and I have someone to make all the cast and everything."

"For the clay skulls, i molded and painted my self. The size are pretty tiny,around 1cm x 1.5cm."

"The paintings mostly I used pen and ink or graphite."

The variety of Sabrina's work is intriguing. Though she might not have cast the jewelry, you can clearly see by the last drawing, that the designs are hers. The small skulls with the snake share the same grim smile as the skulls in the jewelry. The clay skulls have a different hand made feel. The bright colors are very festive and evocative of Dia de los Muertos. The three drawings use animals in a beautiful way. The dog is interesting by it's self, but if you look closely, there is another faint skull image on the paper. The ghosting is probably from an image on the next page, but I like the eerie quality in addition to the happy skull dog.

Sabrina will be giving away one of her skull necklaces, in a contest here on Skull-A-Day. More information on how to win one, will come sometime this month.

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