Monday, March 5, 2012

Beaded Skull Bracelet

Carolyn Oord, from Canada, made this beaded skull bracelet on a bead loom. She even included the pattern for it, in case any of you want to make your own.

Hopefully you are familiar enough with using a bead loom to follow Carolyn's instructions. "It's about ½" an inch wide and the skull & crossbones measure approx. 1¼", depending on the size of the beads you are using. Start by measuring your wrist to determine how long the bracelet should be and then decide how you would like the skulls to repeat."

I love crafts that include instructions. Thanks for including the instructions and pattern Carolyn. Though I have no clue where my bead loom is, this pattern would also work with beaded single crochet. Though, that would require you slip on all of your beads, in their correct pattern before starting. Both are options though...just to give you some ideas. If nether of those seem plausible for yourself, you could sew beads onto fabric or leather in this pattern. The effect is the same with all of those ways of making a beaded bracelet.


kerosene said...

Great ideas Crafty Lady!
~ thanks for posting this!

Abby Davis said...

I can't use a bead loom to save my life...but I can do those other two ideas well.

Auntie Karen said...

And me with a day off?!? I'm starting mine as soon as I can choose the colors.

Ann said...

thanks soooooooo much!!
fabulous bracelet!

Unknown said...

Hey Noah - I'd just like to say this is one seriously cool bracelet by Ms. Oord and a very cool blog! I discovered you both in research for a post I did on some skull jewelry I've been photographing lately:

Single Image Sundays: Skull Pendant

I've submitted that for your consideration along with some others on Flickr. Feel free to drop by & say hello - I'd really love your perspective as a true skull aficionado. Now following!

Emily van der Hell said...

Great Idea! I will try this.