Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Simulacra - Version 5.43

Today’s simulacra offerings are inspired by a classic song.

♫On the Boardwalk♫
Ken & Heather found this one walking the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. He wrote: “I am a big fan and probably visit the Skull-a-Day site four times a week or so. I love the seeing the stuff that you share from all over the world. It is amazing to me that so much creativity can surround one single object. I enjoy it all, from the jewelry and crafts to the doodles and the skull images found in the oddest of places. I will be sure to share more simuilacrums as they pop up. You never know what you'll see when you keep your eyes open.”

♫Down by the Sea♫
Skull-A-Day Friend Jay Butler found this simulacra by the sea in St. Augustine, FL. He said: “Saw this skullific image in the coat of arms on an 18th century cohorn mortar at Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, FL.

♫On a Blanket for Baby♫
Shayna from Virginia found this simulacra on a baby’s blanket.

♫With simulacra I C ♫ says:

As always thank you all from our old seekers and our newest finders for the wonderful submissions each week.

Keep sending those pictures in, we always love seeing the diversity of images that our skull hunters find. Anyone is welcomed to participate, it’s fun and it’s easy- if you see a simulacra skull, photograph it and send those pictures in to our submissions address with a little something about what it is really and maybe a little about you or your simulacra team.

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