Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Simulacra - Version 5.41

Today’s simulacra suffer from a little bit of March weather madness

First up from Fran Kramer in Troy, New York is a bit of snow that helped create a simulacra on a mask on their back porch.

Next a little bit of sunshine peeking in was reflecting off the bridge of Jude Allen’s bass guitar.

Followed by some gloomy clouds hiding a simulacra from Brian in San Francisco, CA who thinks this random shot was “a little creepy.”

Falling Forward C says:

Thank you for sending in these wonderful submissions we always appreciated your efforts in making sure we are always stocked each week with simulacra goodness.

Keep sending those pictures in, we always love seeing what our skull hunters find. Anyone is welcomed to participate, it’s fun and it’s easy- if you see a simulacra skull, photograph it and send those pictures in to our submissions address with a little something about what it is really and maybe a little about you.

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