Monday, March 12, 2012

"Time Shall Unfold" Skull

Trevor Goodwin, from Toronto, Canada created this painting, titled "Time Shall Unfold".

Lately, I've been interested in reading about royal history, with a focus on the dark side. In America, we don't have royalty, so this foreign concept of rulers by blood, fascinates me. This is why I was draw to this skull piece. The banner "Time Shall Unfold", reminds me of the stacks of history books that I've read. The funny thing about this fascination, is that I wasn't interested in history until I was an adult. It's when I was able to read about all the scandals and dark "secrets" that I was entranced by the stories. It's what Grimm fairy tales are made of. What dark secrets this skull has to tell...we may never know.

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