Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Stained Glass Skull & Books

Chantal Larochelle is a Canadian photographer who was inspired by the Skull Master's 126. Stained Glass Skull to try her own, and might I say successful, hand at making one.

This is only Chantal's second piece and it will also be published in the March issue of 'Stained Glass News'.  Not only am I enjoying the skull itself, but I also like the choice of glass used for the book pile.  I still haven't tried my hand at stained glass, but your piece is really inspiring as well, Chantal.  Thanks for sharing it!


Ann said...

this is fabulous!!
I've never tried stained glass...but this really looks like it was done by someone who's made many stained glass pieces!!

M said...

I love this :) fantastic work .......going over to her page now to take a peek...as a fellow artist...i like to support others work that i emjoy.