Saturday, March 3, 2012

Knuckle Duster Skull

Dav. from Toulouse, France certainly says it better than I can, "Here's the wood knuckle duster* with a skull head pyrographed on the 2 sides I created last month. The wood I used is fir wood because in french we say "├ža sent le sapin!" (=it smell like fir**) for meaning "death is near".

* in french we say "poing mamericain" (= american fist) for "knuckle duster" ...funny, no?!
** this popular sentence came from the wood used for buidling coffins : fir wood.

It's always nice when we can learn something new during this creative endeavor we call Skull-A-Day. Thanks for the unique "knuckle duster" and a little bit of trivia as well, Dav!

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