Wednesday, March 7, 2012


German artist Friedbert Munz, sent us a sample of a created series of 3-D models that he calls “Skulgaba”.

He wrote: “I love the work on Skull-A-Day, I also love doing art work that are hand-made in traditional ways. However, for years now I have been editing 3D models, and the digital results have surprised me so much that I started my project making thousands of various “head shapes” designed with a simple Japanese 3D program. The final process in creating these works, includes filtering with different graphics programs. The head shapes are usually placed in front a solid background, I like symmetry and the results are the most convincing. Among the heads I created are a lot of skulls. The skulls are eerily beautiful images and sometimes even include some gruesome ones.”

Zweitausend C says:

When I first saw these pieces I thought they were made out of ceramic, because they have a look of a different glazes. In the age of 3-D printers that can turn digital drawings into reality it is entirely possible that you may someday be creating “traditional” work using these images. Thank you for sharing your “non-traditional” works with us.

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