Saturday, March 17, 2012

"Oud Hout" Skulls

Oud Hout (meaning "old wood") is the amazing project of the Netherlands own Diederick Kraaijeveld. His art is made of reclaimed and "upcycled" material, something we really love here at Skull-A-Day. Diederick tells us more, "I look for (and find) my wood all over the world in old houses, abandoned factories, city dumps and along faraway shores. I use painted wood....I do not use paint myself. I started creating cars, but I am also doing portraits and household products. And.....skulls! The material that I use is SOOOO good for skulls: sometimes I use floorboards that come from centuries old mansions. The wood is water stained, has wear and tear of ages, sometimes insects have lived in real skulls."

Hundreds of pieces of wood are needed for the hundreds of colors included in these colorfully reclaimed creations. I'm totally awed at the depth and texture produced from the worn and weathered wood that adds a distinct sense of age and antiquity to all of Diederick's work. His portfolio includes so much more than skulls so be sure to check it out. You'll be super surprised that some of the works are even made of wood until you get a closer look. Thanks, for sharing your beautiful work with us, Diederick!

p.s.- Have a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day!


kerosene said...

"Awed" is right ~ these are amazing!

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Molly Block said...

Hi Noah, these are very cool. Thanks again for calling them to my attention. I probably will post something about them on the Unconsumption blog this weekend.