Saturday, April 5, 2008

Braincase XXXIV

More super submissions from super folks all over the place! (received 2/16 - 2/23)

Nebel pointed out the spiffy cover of the book "The Riddle of The Traveling Skull" by Harry Stephen Keeler, which was recently republished by McSweeneys. The book and author sounded so interesting, I actually bought a copy and read it!

Joanne found a sneaky skull hiding in this post in Road Blog Ahead about the making of kapsas in India!

John Padgett made this awesome skull-making kit out of a Snapple bottle 6 pack!

Dan "groundcat" Hearn from Mentor, Ohio got this excellent tattoo from artist Brian McCrone at NorthCoast Body Modification! He says, "I am still searching for the original artist; no one seems to know who it is. If you could ask your viewers if they know I would really appreciate it."

My friend Julien took these lovely shots in Barcelona, Spain!

Mindy pointed out this cool dude from the web comic The Adventures of Dr. McNinja!

Moose shared yet another incredible collection of images:

"last words" image on Best Pic Ever...

...a bicycle bell

...a poster from Halftone Def Studios

...the book cover for J.K. Rowling's ultra limited edition "The Tales of Beedle the Bard".

...a self-portrait by bam.bam on Flickr.

...a poster from Hero Design Studio.

...a paper parasol

...and the album cover for Oliver Nelson's Skull Session!

Morgan McDonnell did a great job making this t-shirt with my skull stencil!

Sara found this spooky footprint on a toilet seat in a Kroger in Richmond, Virginia!

Max Schultz took this awesome shot in Skagway, Alaska!

San/UglyDoggy pointed out this lovely lead crystal skull over at Unique Sculptures.

....She also spotted this beautiful carpet by Alynn Guerra!

Jen spotted this keen illusion scarf by Ysolda! You can find the pattern here.

Peter shot this amazing simulacra(?) on the top floor of the observatory at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia! He also spotted this modified street sign in San Diego and posted an incredible set of images from the Mutter Museum on his Flickr page as well.

DTM - creativegenius made these nifty pieces! The first, entitled Agent Skully, was hand drawn using Prismacolors on black paper. The second, called We Is Brothers, is marker on styrofoam.

Peter from Denmark made this amazing little fellow by scraping away the coffee residue in the bottom of his mug!

Alex pointed out the fun Skelewags series by Chewie!

John made this animated cursor [I haven't tried it out since I'm on a Mac, so I can't say what it looks like or how it works, so download at your own risk]!

Priya did this rad concept sketch for a friend's tattoo!

Phyllis spotted this nice shirt in Laos!

Franklin pointed out Maximum the Hormone's cool video Bikini Sports Ponchin!

He also pointed out this sexy Captain America villain Madame HYDRA and her appropriate logo via The World of Kane!

Knaepperone from Germany made this wonderful print using an etched CD!

Rachell took this shot of The Vortex, an awesome looking bar in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta, Georgia! [I definitely need to do a book signing there!]

Lori E. showed off her fantastic tattoos by DJ Devine at Ultimate Arts Tattoo in Madison,

Zach Christeson found this awesome poster by artist James White! James then sent me a link to a whole bunch of other terrific skull themed pieces he'd created, including this one...

Jeff D made this lovely illustration on vellum!

Eris noticed this fishy skull while helping a friend move! She says, "with the slight wave action of the water, the lower jaw portion (made up of a single piece of the vegetation) swayed up and down, making it appear he was trying to tell me something! after I cropped the picture for attachment, I happened to notice the happy go lucky jack o lantern looking skull profile (on the bag) also staring at the fish tank! Vege-skull had all of our attention!"

Anthony J "" created this T-shirt proposal using his skull-gyle print!

Sraedi did a great job making her own version of my Cross-Stitch Skull pattern!

Alison Auth of Richmond, VA wrote this lovely poem for Skull-A-Day!

Feddie did a fine job painting his face in honor of the dead for Dia De Los Muertos!

Thanks again everyone!

To submit your own skull art visit our submissions page.

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Olave said...

Loved the little one on the wall!! Hihi.. And the lightskull is cool! Check out the swedish artist Ludvig Löfgren. He has some cool neon skulls!