Monday, April 14, 2008

A sign of things to come...

Hey folks, Just giving you a head's up that as of today I've updated the submissions policy, which is now on its own page HERE.

I have enough regular submissions to last through the end of year 1 of Skull-A-Day, so I want to start preparing for phase 2! The details of phase 2 are still in the works, so I'll be updating you on it as things get finalized. In the meantime please read over the new guidelines before submitting anything else. I may refine them over time, but hopefully they'll stay relatively simple and easy (and not too lawyer-y).

Thanks again to everyone who has sent me stuff over the past year(!), I hope you will all enjoy where the site is going in the next year and will keep being a part of the Skull-A-Day community!

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