Sunday, April 20, 2008

[CONTEST WINNERS] Presenting Mr./Ms. Squarehead Skull!

Congratulations to all the folks who submitted such fun solutions to my request for a body for my Mr/Ms Squarehead Skull! I'm giving a prize to everyone who sent something in before the deadline! Here are the entries in all their glory...

Todd Budnikas:

Justin (A.K.A. Tatman):

Carlos Collazo:


Alex D.S.:

Paul DiLena:

Eric (A.K.A. that one guy):


Brad in Ohio:

Dog Cat:

Janet Lackey Schmalfeldt:


Shotgun Mario:

Concretin Nikoli:


AND Jonathan Sims made a very cool one that is Not Safe For Work or Kids so click HERE to see it.


Also these came in after the deadline, but since I hadn't posted the winners yet I wanted to go ahead and include their fine work as well!...





Suzanne Dargie said...

I vote for "Lex 10"

Tatman said...

I am amazed at the creativity of most of these, and disappointed by the lack of my own. Great work, everyone!

Kim said...

Those all look so good! Except Janet Lackey's one looks scarily like Calista Flockheart... :P

silvergirl said...

Ah! You gotta love S(k)ully. ;)
And for some reason, the album covers had me busting a gut. The possibilities are endless!
Yes, great job, all!