Sunday, April 20, 2008

Braincase XXXV

Catching up on another batch of super submissions from round the globe! (received 2/24 - 3/02)
Don't forget the submissions policy has changed, so be sure to check it out before sending anything in.

Annie pointed out the amazing paper works of Peter Callesen!

Adam Kern let us know about his fun site which is attempting to make/sell a new skull shirt design every day!

Moose pointed out the tattoo Bangladesh Dupree's forehead in the online comic Girl Genius!

Put on your 3D glasses and check out what Nicholas Joseph Viltrakis made!

Jeff D. made this awesome ink blot!

Crystal and Pattie both spotted this adorable knit skull and pattern from Blackrayne!

Terry sent a whole bunch of fantastic works, in his words: "I live in the country, Al., so I find lots of skulls and bones. Some I put together and make aliens, some just decorations"!

Eris pointed out this great wine bottle, which is sold empty to be filled with the "spirit of your choice"!

My friend Julien found this lovely rendition of Eustace Tilley, which was part of a contest to redefine The New Yorker's "presiding dandy"

...and this Parisian club flyer!

Julien (a different one!) sent this cool scooter from France...

My friend Jeff suggested that I make a skull based on stories he had heard of friends "who were furious at their landlords when vacating apartments so they would write messages in honey on the wall and encourage ants to enter the apartment and swarm the honey."

Richard "Lionheart" Garrett Jr made this lovely copper repousse skull in preparation for future armor projects!

San shared this nifty image from Dibujando Huesos!

Katja found some "strange and disturbing" art made by various serial killers on Ebaum's World!

M was inspired by Skull-A-Day to create this rad Shirt.Woot! entry!

Dieter Steuten's 5 year old nephew Timo showed off his sweet shirt!

Metachick666 sent this cool pic she took!

Constance Parker made this lovely drawing of the Mexican folk saint, Santa Muerte (Saint Death)!

Nicole found this beautiful paper-cut entitled Calavera made by BittyStar on Etsy!

Foobella pointed out this adorable onesie in pepperhem's shop on Etsy!

Jaron and his flatmate spotted this fantastic simulacra on the pavement outside their house!

Deborah, the Editor in Cheif at Lark Books (the folks who are publishing my book!), wrote this lovely Haiku after cleaning out her hole puncher!

White on White

Inside the hole punch
White dots like falling snowflakes
Could they form a skull?

Rik spotted the super creepy Nightmare Mansion while in Virginia Beach!

Ian discovered this remarkable skull hiding in his tub of Ben & Jerry's Fossil Fuel Ice Cream!


Blee discovered this secret skull hidden in my recent Nine Inch Nails video!

Thanks again everyone!

To submit your own skull art visit our submissions page.


Ticktok said...

damn, this post stole my whole sunday. I ended up spending like, 7 hours reading that Girl Genius comic. Awesome :D

Brittany said...

Thanks so much for including my papercut....I always love perusing your skull blog! xoox, bitty