Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.4

Once again our readers turn bounty hunters and search out the skulls hiding amongst us.

Birthday Girl Dawn tells us, "My birthday was in February and some of my co-workers decorated my car with chalk, happy b-day etc. This was a happy face on the driver's side window and after 3 months of not washing the chalk off the result was an accidental skull in the right eye of the face! How can I wash my car now?"

Ummm, you can't.

Pub attendee Matt writes us, "Hello. I just stumbled on your great site. Here's an image of a skull in a pint glass that I always liked. Cheers."

That might explain the "stumbling".

And of course, yours truly has the skull eye. This guy showed up on my foot after my new flip flops got wet.

Okay now, all of you would be skull hunters, we can't do this without you. Get your skull eyes open and submit your hidden simulacra. Just remember, we only do this once a week so it may be a while before we post the face of your fugitive.


Tatman said...

I can put up another highlighted pic of my foot if anyone has trouble seeing the skull. He hid himself pretty well.

Melanie said...

The one on your foot looks more like Homer Simpson to me!

mim said...

I can see him/it/her....

Kim said...

Oww! Nice bit of bruising there, and this one without makeup. :)

How did you manage to wear shoes after that??

Tatman said...

D'oh! I guess Homer does have a skull like appearance with his minimal amount of hair. That's no bruise, Kim. Thank goodness. It's just the dye from my flip flops that bled onto my foot when they got wet. I think there's something haunted with the right one because I had the same thing show up again this weekend when I washed my truck. CREEEEPY!